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It's a young man's game. With the Razorbacks going back to a 12-game schedule (and possibly more in the postseason) head coach Sam Pittman explained that playing freshmen was important for a lot of reasons:

“I think you have to play them whenever you can. It’s two-fold. One, you may not get an opportunity later on in the year. And then the other thing is when you play them early, you’ll know more about if you should redshirt them or if you shouldn’t. I understand you learn those things at practice too, but some guys just show up better and some guys show up worse when the lights are on.”

What else stood out yesterday for the Hogs? Let's get to it...

▶️ Day To Day: Treylon Burks hasn't practiced for several days, but on a conference call with media, Coach Pittman doesn't seem too worried about the star receiver's game status against Rice: “It would concern me a lot more if they weren’t very talented. You know, it would but these guys have been practicing for a long time, had a couple scrimmages. Does it concern you that, you know, one of your better players is possibly not playing? Absolutely, but I think we’ll be fine. I still think we have eight or nine guys that can go in there and win games for us, and everybody has to start at some point.”

▶️ Close At Hand: The SEC announced earlier that teams unable to play a regular-season game due to the unavailability of participants (because of COVID-19, injuries, or other reasons) will forfeit and be assigned a loss in the conference standings. According to Coach Pittman, that's led to a boost in players getting vaccinated leading up to the season opener: “We’re right at 93%, 100% of our staff. Basically, we talked to them about what the SEC (forfeits). We knew way before yesterday that was what was going to happen, you just forfeit. So, all I did was just mention it to the kids. To be honest with you, we had about 70 when we got back in this summer ... but I mentioned it to the kids, and about three or four days later, we had 30 more that had started the vaccination process."

Arkansas returns to the practice field tomorrow in the lead up to their season opener against Rice on Saturday, September 4th at 1:00pm.

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