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It's time to focus on Rice. Position battles have been fought. 17 days of grueling practices are in the books. It's time for the Razorbacks to have one goal in mind—preparing to win their season opener.

How are players feeling about the transition and how do they like their Week 1 chances? Let's get to it...

▶️ Movin' On Up: Transfer defensive lineman Tre Williams didn't come to Arkansas as a bona fide starter. He began by working with the backups, but his preparation and work ethic helped him get reps with the starters: "I'm excited for Rice. Going in, like I keep saying, preparation. I've been looking at Rice and just kind of seeing the schemes and just going through their team. So, just coming out of that camp and going into our preparation for Rice, it's going to be a big step in our game plan."

▶️ Daily Grind: Veteran offensive lineman Ricky Stromberg wishes he could have been healthy for the entirety of fall camp, but a knee injury kept him out of the first part of practices. Now that he's healing up, he's excited: "I think camp went well. Obviously, I wasn't in too much of camp, but the offensive line and the guys worked their tails off. They grinded every single day, so I'm excited to see what this team can do coming out of fall camp and headed into Rice preparation."

▶️ On The Move: Coach Pittman used his Sam Pittman Live weekly radio show to talk about the backup running back spot and how moving sophomore Dominique Johnson helped him improve... even if the coaching staff doesn't know why: "We moved him to tight end for a day, and then we moved him back to running back and he was like twice as good. So now I’m going to move him to wideout tomorrow and then move him back to running back. We’ve got about two more moves before he might be Herschel Walker or Darren McFadden by the time we get done with him. But really, he got a lot better. I don’t know why, but he did. He started running the ball better.”

Arkansas returns to the practice field tomorrow in the lead up to their season opener against Rice on Saturday, September 4th at 1:00pm.

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