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Sam Pittman already getting some hype at SEC Media Days? Georgia head coach Kirby Smart had some encouraging things to say about the Head Hog, telling reporters that he has "a lot of respect for Sam as a person, as a coach, as a man" and that the Razorbacks "did a tremendous job against us last year."

It's Day 3, and we've got three coaches speaking who will be facing the Hogs this season. Here's what you can expect them to focus on... and a couple of things we hope they're asked about.

▶️ Nick Saban, Alabama: The Crimson Tide run the SEC West until they don't. Saban's program isn't just the best in the conference, it's one of the best in the country. There aren't a lot of holes on this roster, but new quarterback Bryce Young is definitely one of them. What does Saban have to say about going through another change at quarterback?

▶️ Mike Leach, Mississippi State: Like Lane Kiffin yesterday, Leach is the main attraction today, likely giving us just as many quality sound bites as the other three put together. I'll be interested to hear what Leach feels the keys to success are in getting out of the bottom of the SEC West. This is a team that finished at the bottom of the division thanks to the Hogs win over them at the beginning of last season.

▶️ Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M: The Aggies seem to be the only real challenge to Alabama's claim to the SEC West throne. What does Fisher believe is the key to overthrowing the Crimson Tide? Does he think that Texas A&M can join Alabama and take up two of the four spots in the College Football Playoff? Fisher, along with Saban, are the two men that Pittman will have to beat to compete for an SEC title.

▶️ Clark Lea, Vanderbilt: Where do we begin? Lea has his work cut out for him as the new head coach, taking over the only winless program in the SEC last year. The Hogs won't face Vanderbilt in conference play until 2025, but I'd like to hear how Lea sees his opportunity to rebuild from the ground up—a situation that Pittman found himself in at this time last year.

SEC Media Days finishes tomorrow with Arkansas, Auburn, and Missouri!

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