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📈 STOCK UP (9/3)

Good morning, y'all.You're thinking it. We're thinking it. Everyone is thinking it. But we're gonna say it—Razorback football officially kicks off tomorrow! Here's a last-minute refresher on everything you need to know for game days.

Glow Up: University of Arkansas Interim Chancellor Charles Robinson has proclaimed every Friday during the institution’s 150th year celebration to be Red Glow Friday. All students, faculty, staff and alumni are encouraged to wear red apparel featuring the Razorback logo. Wear red. Be proud. Go Hogs.

What else did we put into today's Brew?

📣 Loud and clear

🔑 Keys to victory

🏈 1 day left

🐗 And more!

🔺 Dave Van Hog. Arkansas dedicated a Hog statue to Dave Van Horn yesterday! See the Hog in all its glory (and Van Horn's reaction) right here.

🔺 Beach Weekend. Arkansas men's golf opens their 2021-2022 season with a trip to Pebble Beach to compete in the Carmel Cup! The Razorbacks will be one of eight teams in the tournament, with six earning preseason top-25 rankings!

🔺 Best Of Five. Razorback volleyball rallied back from being down 2-0 in sets to Montana State to win three in a row and take their first away win of the season at the Bobcat Classic! They play this afternoon against Utah State.

🔺 Loud And Clear. We know you're excited to watch the Hogs open their season against Rice. (More than 200 emails asking us what channel it's on can't be wrong!) Without further ado, we bring you... everything you need to know to tune in to watch the Razorbacks tomorrow afternoon!

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