• Mackenzie Mills

📈 STOCK UP (7/09)

Happy Friday, everyone! The Brew Crew loved reading all your responses about how, when, and why you became a Razorback fan.

Now we have an even more important question...

What is the correct way to drink coffee? Black? A little sugar? Some creamer too? We have a debate going in the office, so your replies will be instrumental in settling this debate.

Listen Up: You can't spell "student-athletes" without "student" and if you think the Razorbacks were good on the field, just wait until you hear how they did in the classroom. How were the Razorbacks able to lead the SEC in championships this year while boasting 248 student-athletes on the SEC Academic Honor Rolls? Listen here.

What else have we put into today's Brew?

⏪ Déjà vu

🏈 57 days to go

🐅 Paper Tiger

🎙️ Put the "student" in student-athlete

🐗 And more!

🔺 It's Déjà Vu All Over Again. Razorback baseball'sRobert Moore has officially become Arkansas’ first player to earn Freshman All-America honors in multiple seasons. Might we suggest you catching up on Big Shot Bob's episode on The Hog Pod from earlier in the season?

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