• Mackenzie Mills

📈 STOCK UP (7/06)

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Long weekends are great, but you know what's even better? A long weekend followed by a short workweek.

The Head Hog: But before we get into all that, we've got Hunter Yurachek on The Razorback Daily this morning. He's talking about the behind-the-scenes, how all the coaches feel about this One Razorback mentality, and more.

What else is in today's Brew?

🏀 Small ball

🏈 60 days to go

🦅 Pig 'em

🎙️ Head hog

🐗 And more!

🔺 Small Ball. A quick look at the Razorback men's basketball roster tells you what head coach Eric Musselman is looking for this season: Versatility. But as Curtis Wilkerson at HawgSports.com points out, it's based on the fact that the most effective lineup for the Hogs last postseason was a guard-heavy unit.

🔺 Little Rock, Big Dreams. Game 1 of the NBA Finals kicks off tonight and if you don't think Razorback legend Bobby Portis is excited to represent his state on the biggest basketball stage in the world... well... you'd be mistaken.

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