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The first one-and-done in Razorback men's basketball history is staying golden. Moses Moody is officially headed to Golden State to play alongside Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and more.

Moody already discussed his fit with the Warriors days before the NBA Draft. So, here's what the NBA world is saying about Golden State picking Moody and how he'll transition to the NBA...

▶️ Twice As Nice: The Warriors front office had Moody high on their board, saying they even considered him with their first pick in the first round at 7th overall and that having him in for workouts twice, one of which wasn't publicized, to see how he performed with and without other players sealed their opinion of him.

▶️ Fitting In: Coach Muss thinks Moody is going to fit in just fine, saying that last season's SEC Freshman of the Year is "just like another wired veteran" and that teammates will like that he's going to rebound every ball and defend his position.

▶️ Guessing Game: The Razorback men's basketball team held their own lottery, taking turns guessing where they thought Moody would go. Looks like Cade Arbogast and Jaxson Robinson were the only ones to get the team right, but with Robinson guessing the Warriors' 7th overall pick instead of their 14th overall pick... Arbogast is the winner last night. Congrats, Cade!

Get to know Moses Moody beyond basketball and listen to him tell his story on The Hog Pod.

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