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There will be an unfamiliar guest showing up on the Razorbacks' door step this fall. Week 3 will be the first time Arkansas and Georgia Southern meet in modern college football history.

And while this team transitioned from FCS play only seven years ago, the Eagles have been a powerhouse wherever they've found themselves—winning six FCS national titles and 10 conference titles from 1984-2013 and appearing in four bowl games since joining the Sun Belt Conference in 2014.

Here are three things you might not know about Georgia Southern coming into this season... and how the team can stay sharp through the third week of the season:

▶️ Mad Rush: Quick... who was the only other team in college football last year to play more than 10 games and rush for more yards per game than Georgia Southern? Time's up. It was Army. Yeah, the same Army who averaged fewer than seven pass attempts per game and sold out on offense for the run. The Eagles have eight starters back on offense and they'll be doing all they can to run against Sam Pittman & Co.

▶️ Quarter(not)back: The Eagles will likely be relying on transfer quarterback James Graham to run their offense... and it won't be very pass-heavy. Graham threw 13 passes last year. He ran the ball six times. But he's a smart, athletic prospect who can lead head coach Chad Lunsford's run-first-and-second-and-third style offense.

▶️ Warning Sign: Georgia Southern led the nation in takeaways last season. Let me repeat that—Georgia Southern led the nation in takeaways last season. It was 26 turnovers and leading interception-getter Derrick Canteen was only a freshman. Be careful with the ball (but not too careful) and you should be fine.

SEC Media Days is scheduled to start on Monday, July 19th. Leading up to the event, we'll be breaking down all 12 of the team's opponents in 2021. Up tomorrow? Texas A&M!

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