• Mackenzie Mills


Do you know just how good this year's Razorback baseball team has been? Yes, they've held the unanimous No. 1 spot in the rankings for several weeks. And sure, they're leading the SEC in quite a few stats.

But this is a team that's on pace to finish with some of the strongest single-season records in school history. Don't believe me? To the library!

1️⃣ Home Runs: Led by four sluggers who have double-digit totals—Matt Goodheart (11), Robert Moore (11), Christian Franklin (10), and Brady Slavens (10)—Razorback batters have already hit 76 dingers, which is currently the ninth-most in a single season in Arkansas history.

2️⃣ Strikeouts: Razorback pitchers have ruled the mound for 423 strikeouts so far this year. That's just 73 shy of the top-10... and with the way Kevin Kopps and Peyton Pallette are throwing, it should be just be a matter of time when the postseason arrives.

3️⃣ Slugging: The Hogs are currently sitting at a .500 slugging percentage for the season. That would be the fifth-best season the Razorbacks have ever had, and the best they've had since 1997.

4️⃣ Fielding: The program record is .976 for a single season. The Razorbacks are currently boasting a .980 fielding percentage.

5️⃣ Saves: Arkansas relievers have combined for 14 saves so far this season. That's just one shy of cracking the top-10.

Arkansas baseball will be hosting Georgia this weekend. Game 1 is on Friday night at 6:30pm CT on SEC Network+.

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