• Mackenzie Mills


The Baum-Walker scoreboard operator might be busy this weekend. Arkansas knows how to put points on the board. NC State knows how to put points on the board.

This weekend may very well be a high-scoring affair.

The Razorbacks have never faced the Wolfpack. Not in regular season play. Not in the postseason. And certainly never at Baum-Walker Stadium with a trip to Omaha on the line.

This week, we'll be breaking down three things to know about NC State leading up to Game 1 on Friday night. Yesterday was their ability to put bat on ball. Today it's about this team's ability to cross home plate. A lot.

▶️ Second To None: No team in the ACC scored more than the Wolfpack this past season, with NC State putting up an average of 7.2 runs per game. That trend certainly continued in NCAA Regionals this past weekend, with the Wolfpack scoring an average of 10 runs per game and no fewer than eight in any of their three matchups.

▶️ To The Moon: This is an NC State team that knows how to go the distance. Only one other ACC team (Wake Forest) hit more dingers than the Wolfpack this past season. And they hit seven home runs this past weekend. They haven't lost their spark.

▶️ Extra Bases: The Wolfpack tied for third in the ACC with hits that resulted in a double or triple. It didn't slow down in the NCAA Regionals either, with the team hitting for more than a single on 12 of 42 of their hits last weekend—which is nearly one out of every three hits.

Game 1 of the Fayetteville Super Regionals is on Friday night at 5:00pm CT. You can watch the game on ESPNU.

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