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Pitching is most certainly a strength for Arkansas. The Razorback baseball team boasts a group of pitchers that gave up the fewest home runs in the SEC this season and finished top-four in team ERA, strikeouts per game, and opponents' batting average.

And, oh yeah... they have Kevin Kopps.

But how does NC State fare when they're on the mound?

This week, we've looked at the Wolfpack's ability to hit well and score runs. But their pitching is a weakness that Dave Van Horn & Co. can exploit this weekend.

▶️ Middle Of The Road: A cursory glance at how NC State pitchers did compared to the rest of the ACC shows a team that is about as average as it gets. Their team ERA (4.91), strikeouts per game (8.8), and home runs given up per game (1.3) were all middle of the road for their conference, if not below average. They are playing better in NCAA Regional play, but it's not a dominant group.

▶️ Fresh Faces: This also isn't a very experienced group—three of the Wolfpack's top five pitchers are freshmen, and first-year ace Sam Highfill has more starts than anyone else with 14. His 3.95 ERA is second-lowest on the team. Chris Villaman and Matt Willadsen are the other two freshmen in this rotation, appearing in 17 games a piece. But both of them are giving up runs, with Villaman coming in with 4.92 ERA and Willadsen at a 4.97 ERA.

Game 1 of the Fayetteville Super Regionals is tonight at 5:00pm CT. You can watch the game on ESPNU.

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