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After a short break to rest, recuperate, and celebrate the program's first regular season SEC title, the Razorback softball team is back. It's SEC Tournament time and up next is Tennessee—a team they haven't played since 2019.

What does the path to victory look like and how can the Razorbacks punch their ticket to the semifinals tomorrow?

1️⃣ Losing Momentum: Tennessee finished the season with a team batting average of .307, good for fourth in the conference. But yesterday, they went just 5-for-27 (.185) from the plate. This might be a good opportunity to try and frustrate their batters early and prevent them from finding a rhythm—especially considering their game went to extra innings last night and they're likely tired.

2️⃣ Paint The Corners: Speaking of how to frustrate Tennessee batters, you can do that by testing the limits of the strike zone. The Volunteers had the third-fewest walks (158) and the fourth-fewest strikeouts (199) this season. This is a team that's good at swinging away and putting the ball into play. Razorback pitchers can use that to their advantage, knowing that the Volunteers aren't too keen on watching pitches pass them by and that they're likely tired from going into extra innings last night.

3️⃣ Eyes Peeled: The Volunteers led the SEC in stolen bases (90) this season. Catcher Kayla Green and the rest of the Razorbacks have been prepared, allowing just 19 stolen bases of their own, but it will still be important not to give up any free runners in scoring position.

Arkansas is playing Tennessee today at approximately 4:00pm CT in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals. You can watch the game on SEC Network.

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