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Yesterday we took a look at Nebraska, a team riding high into the Fayetteville Regional after winning their respective conference. Today, we break down another.

The Northeastern Huskies.

Battling it out against the likes of Hofstra and Delaware, Northeastern comes into the NCAA Regionals with a Colonial Athletics Association title on its back and an impressive resume, even if it did come against the likes of... well... the likes of Hofstra and Delaware.

1️⃣ Bat Men: There isn't a single team better when it comes to offense in the Colonial Athletics Association. (Trust me, I looked!) They have the highest averages when it comes to home runs (1.1), doubles (1.8), triples (0.3), and runs scored (7.4) per game in their conference. Again, it's a weak division, but they had NINE guys hitting at least .275 this season.

2️⃣ Don't Steal: The Huskies are good defensively, keeping opponents at just a 60% success rate when it comes to stolen bases. Arkansas isn't a team that really likes to do that anyway (they only tried 15 times in SEC play, a conference low) but maybe they just shouldn't try it at all.

3️⃣ Road Block: Northeastern is a team riding high coming into the Fayetteville Regional. They had to battle back through the loser's bracket of their conference tournament, going 4-1 over a four-day span, including a championship win over UNC Wilmington when Max Viera hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning. They're underdogs this weekend and they know it. But they have momentum on their side. A strong start to snuff out any potential spark will be key.

Stay tuned this week... we'll be breaking down each team in the Fayetteville Regional between now and Friday. Up tomorrow? New Jersey Institute of Technology!

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