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Lane Kiffin seems to have a connection with nearly every head coach in the SEC. Nick Saban used to be his boss. Mike Leach likes to trade barbs with him in press conferences. And Sam Pittman got his vote for SEC Coach of the Year late last season.

But the first-year pleasantries might be over for both coaches as they look to get over the SEC hump in each of their sophomore campaigns.

Here are three things you might not know about Ole Miss... and how the Hogs match up against them in a pivotal midseason matchup:

▶️ No Risk It, No Biscuit: The Ole Miss offense took after its new head coach in one big way—they were about as high-risk, high-reward as they could be. This was a team that left three wins on the field due to interceptions: Auburn (35-28 with two picks), LSU (53-48 with six turnovers), and Arkansas (33-21 with seven total giveaways). I have no doubt the Ole Miss coaching staff will be preaching a measure of caution to young quarterback Matt Coral. But... this is Lane Kiffin we're talking about, so don't expect too much caution.

▶️ Focus On The Ground: There were only five college football teams who played at least 10 games last season and gave up more rushing yards per game. They gave up 28 touchdowns on the ground, for Pete's sake! There wasn't a worse rushing defense in the SEC last year and with Arkansas returning all five starters on the offensive line and (Coach Sam Pittman being Coach Sam Pittman) you'd have to imagine that's the priority going into this matchup.

▶️ Use Alabama's Momentum: The week before the Razorbacks travel to Oxford, Ole Miss faces Alabama. That will... probably be a loss for Lane Kiffin. If the Hogs can prevent Ole Miss from an early score, and maybe put together a long drive or two of their own, they could carry over the effects of what will likely be a big loss against the Crimson Tide into their game.

SEC Media Days is scheduled to start on Monday, July 19th. Leading up to the event, we'll be breaking down all 12 of the team's opponents in 2021. Up tomorrow? Auburn!

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