• Mackenzie Mills


We're a few hours away from the first pitch of the Fayetteville Regional. On deck is a team you may not have heard of, but that doesn't mean they're gonna be a pushover.

New Jersey Institute of Technology.

This is a team riding a hot hand into NCAA Regionals, winning 10 of their last 11—including a ride through the America East Conference championship.

Where is this team good? Where is this team bad? And what does Arkansas need to do today to make sure they take care of business?

1️⃣ Make 'Em Swing: The Highlanders went down swinging on just 24% of their at-bats this season. That's fewer strikeouts than all but one SEC team during conference play. Caleb Bolden, who's getting the start today, will need to paint the corners if he wants to prevent New Jersey putting bat to ball.

2️⃣ Make 'Em Pitch: New Jersey pitchers are allowing opponents to hit .268 off them. Compare that with Razorback pitchers, who only let opponents hit .225 off them.

3️⃣ Make 'Em Sweat: All this said, the Highlanders were contending with the likes of Stony Brook and Maine for a conference championship. They're on the road facing the No. 1 team in college baseball. Get on a run early and sail smoothly into Game 2 on Saturday.

Arkansas takes on New Jersey Institute of Technology in Game 1 of the Fayetteville Regional at 2:00pm CT. You can watch it on ESPN3.

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