• Mackenzie Mills


Must-win was must-watch last night. Arkansas baseball is forging a new path on a historic season, just three wins away from an all-time single season record. Catch up on this team's journey through their stories in their words.

🎙️ How Arkansas Baseball Was Built tells the story of how Arkansas went from a team practicing out at the old fairgrounds to Omaha regulars.

🎙️ Big Shot Bob gives Robert Moore the chance to tell his story in his own terms—and how he found his identity in something bigger than baseball.

🎙️ One More Year centers around Casey Opitz's decision to return for one final season and what it has meant to him.

🎙️ Baseball Major lets Christian Franklin express his incomparable love for this game.

🎙️ Building A Slugger explains how Nate Thompson, a guy who never played a high school game, built an offensive powerhouse at Arkansas.

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