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14 sacks. That's what the Razorbacks racked up last season, and the defensive line accounted for just seven of them.

Head Hog Sam Pittman puts a premium on the trenches, which is why it's not surprising for the unit to have three redshirt seniors transfer to the team after his first season: "From a group that we were very concerned about as far as depth and starters and all that, it's kind of taking shape a little bit. Those guys got after the quarterback."

The defensive linemen are the star of the show and we've got all the highlights, observations, and videos from Day 11 of fall camp. Let's get to it...

▶️ A Portrait Of Dorian Gerald: Injuries have been a part of Dorian Gerald's last two years, but the sixth-year senior defensive end could not be more ready to suit up against Rice and get the season started: “That’s behind me. I have great support from my training staff, my coaches, everybody. I’m just ready to play. I’m ready to get on the field. I’m healthy again and I’m ready to see what I can do."

▶️ Big Bang: The Hogs ranked 12th in the SEC in rushing yards given up per game. That's on track to change, with defensive line coach Jermial Ashley excited about John Ridgeway, a 6'6" 324 pound FCS transfer and (literally) one of his biggest assets: "It's always nice to have bigger guys that can hold up in the middle and give you a little push, especially guys that work hard like Ridgeway and the other guys that are sitting in there. He's a solid guy in the middle... has the type of mindset that we look for in the middle. Just an aggressive guy to bang and battle."

▶️ Gentle Giants: The New York Giants sent a scout representative to practice yesterday, making them the 11th NFL team that has visited fall camp so far.

Arkansas returns to the practice field this morning in the lead up to their season opener against Rice on Saturday, September 4th at 1:00pm.

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