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The dog days of summer are nearing an end. And so is preseason camp. The Hogs are onto Rice in terms of how they are practicing, preparing, speaking, and thinking.

We've got players and coaches getting as excited as us for Week 1 to get here... so let's get to it.

▶️ Sick And Tired: Put a mic in front of junior running back Trelon Smith and ask what he thinks of the Hogs' chances this year and he'll give you an answer so straight you'd think he was running between the tackles: "The direction we're going, man, is going to be a beautiful thing once you guys see it. We've been busting our tail. Those losing days are over. We're tired of losing. This whole team is tired of losing. It's time to win now. That's what Coach Pittman has been pounding us on. Just relentless effort. Straining. Physicality. Fast. Playing fast." Whew.

▶️ No Worries: Same goes for junior wideout Treylon Burks, who is feeding off the criticisms from last season and seeing no reason why he should pay attention to the chatter this year: "We ... don't worry about where people pick us to be. People picked us not to win at all last year. Who cares? We go out and play for us and the Arkansas nation. I think that's all that matters to us."

▶️ Fantastic Five: The Hogs have elected five captains for the 2021 season: Grant Morgan, Jalen Catalon, Myron Cunningham, KJ Jefferson, and Joe Foucha.

Arkansas returns to practice today in the lead up to their season opener against Rice on Saturday at 1:00pm.

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