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It may not seem like it, but this could be the most important weekend in over two decades for Razorback baseball. That's because the SEC crown is on the line, as well as the SEC West title.

Here's what the final standings look like based on how many wins this team can get out of Florida this weekend:

3️⃣ wins: The Razorbacks would win the SEC crown and the SEC West outright. They're currently one game up in the SEC standings thanks to a series win over Tennessee this weekend. Sweep Florida and it's a wrap.

2️⃣ wins: This is where it gets a little interesting. Two wins secures the SEC West, but it might not be enough to win the SEC overall outright. If Tennessee sweeps South Carolina, Arkansas would share the overall conference title.

1️⃣ win: Whew. Arkansas would still have a good chance at winning the SEC West crown (assuming Mississippi State doesn't sweep Alabama). But don't expect an overall conference title—Tennessee is more than good enough to get at least two wins out of South Carolina. There's also a good chance Vanderbilt could sweep Kentucky this weekend.

0️⃣ wins: The SEC crown would be lost at this point because that would put Florida at 20 wins. And if Mississippi State gets two wins over Alabama or Ole Miss sweeps Georgia, the SEC West would be in jeopardy.

Reminder: The SEC West title is important because in the SEC, the winner of the East and the West get the top two seeds regardless of record. That would mean no lower than a 2-seed in the upcoming SEC Tournament.

Arkansas will host Florida this week in the final conference series of the regular season. Game 1 is on Thursday night at 6:00pm CT. You can watch the game on SEC Network or buy tickets here now that Baum-Walker Stadium has opened back up to full capacity.

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