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Kevin Kopps is the first relief pitcher to ever win the Dick Howser Trophy. It's college baseball's equivalent to the Heisman Trophy in college football. A relief pitcher has to be absolutely dominant just to get into the conversation, much less win it.

And... uh... dominant doesn't even do Kopps justice.

Here are the numbers you need to know about a season that will go down in Razorback baseball history.

▶️ 0.76: A pitcher's WHIP is their Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched. It's one of the most commonly used statistics for evaluating a pitcher's performance and (obviously) the lower the better. No surprise here: Kopps has the lowest WHIP of any pitcher in college baseball.

▶️ 0.90: That's Kopps' ERA. Every other pitcher in college baseball has a 1 to the left of the decimal place. Not the Dick Howser Trophy winner.

▶️ 5.02: That's how many hits Kopps allowed per nine innings. Only seven pitchers did better than that and only two of those pitched more innings than him, both on Vanderbilt's squad.

▶️ 33: There isn't a pitcher in college baseball who exceeded Kopps' 33 appearances this year. And only three other pitchers had at least 20. To put up these kinds of stats while appearing in 33 games across the season is a testament to his consistency.

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