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The Head Hog was once again front and center. Put a microphone in front of Sam Pittman and you won't be waiting long to hear him sing the praises of his team. Do the same with the players and they'll be giving it right back to their head coach.

We've got all the highlights, observations, and videos from Day 6 of fall camp. Let's get to it...

▶️ Best Of The Best: Sam Pittman said after practice that "it was the best practice we’ve had this camp" but... what makes a practice good for the head coach? Getting a lot done. Pittman said the team had enough energy to go over pass protection drills, red zone situations, third-and-short scenarios, and more.

▶️ Still Waters Run Deep: There was a time not so long ago that there were concerns about the depth of the linebackers group. Not anymore. Bumper Pool, one of four senior linebackers, said he's amped up his offseason workouts and put on more muscle. And linebackers coach Mike Scherer wants all of them getting reps during the season: "Heck, part of me is trying to figure out how to get all of them on the field, trying to figure how they all can help us out because we have a lot of good players."

Arkansas continues fall camp today in the lead up to their season opener against Rice on Saturday, September 4th at 1:00pm.

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