• Mackenzie Mills


This was a special, special weekend. It started with newcomers from the Garden State and ended with back-to-back-to-back games against a scrappy Big Ten conference winner. But the Razorbacks are going to Supers.

Here were the SportsCenter-worthy moments from each game:

▶️ Air Franklin: Game 1 hadNew Jersey Tech threatening to extend their lead early, but Christian Franklin had other plans... nabbing this deep shot to centerfield. It must have really gotten the clubhouse juiced because Arkansas went on to score seven runs immediately after.

▶️ Smashing Records: Game 2 included this Matt Goodheart moonshot, which helped Razorback baseball set a new single-season home run record for the program. And there's still a lot more baseball to be played, y'all.

▶️ Lost In Translation: Game 3 was a wild one. After falling behind by a run early in the game, the Razorbacks used two singles, an error, and this wild pitch to score three times in the top of the third.

▶️ A Legendary Moment: Game 4 was the loudest that Dave Van Horn and the Hogs have ever heard, and it all came to a head when Charlie Welch blasted this three-run bomb late to put the game away.

▶️ Fayetteville's Adopted Team: Southern hospitality is real. New Jersey Institute of Technology came in and threw everything but the kitchen sink at Arkansas in that opening game. And then Razorback fans invited them to tailgates, partied with them in the Hog Pen, gave them a standing ovation at a team dinner, cheered them on to their first NCAA Tournament win in school history, and much, much more.

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