• Mackenzie Mills


"Good morning, Mr. Kopps. We see you're applying for this year's Golden Spikes Award. Let's take a look at your resume and see if you're a good fit for the position."

ERA: Well, this can't be right. There's a number to the left of the decimal place for every other pitcher in college baseball. It'd be crazy to think you have an ERA below 1.00 when every other pitch-what's that? You're the only pitcher in college baseball with an ERA below 1.00.

WHIP: You have the lowest walks plus hits per inning average too? Well, I'm sure it's because of your team's defensive performance. After all, Arkansas finished the regular season leading the SEC in fielding percentage.

K's Per 9 Innings: You're in the top-10 nationally for this as well? Okay, but how much did it really affect your team's performance? I mean, these must have been cleanup appearances when the game was already in hand.

Wins: It says here you're the only pitcher in the SEC with at least 10 wins and zero losses. And that's with zero starts?

*buzzes intercom*

Please hold all my calls. I'm going to be here a while.

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