• Mackenzie Mills


The Razorback offensive line has been putting on the weight. And that's a good thing! As recently as two seasons ago, the average weight of a starting Arkansas lineman was only 291 pounds. Now? The five are almost 1,600 pounds combined. Now... just how big is 1,600 pounds?

  • That's a little heavier than a grizzly bear.

  • It's a grand piano and a half.

  • It would be most of a pickup truck.

Why is that a big deal? That's an average of a 28-pound increase for each player compared to 2019. And some have seen bigger gains, like starting left tackle Myron Cunningham who is now 40 pounds stronger than he was two years ago. The offensive line will be one of the most important position groups to watch at this weekend's Spring Game. Here are the storylines you need to know: 1️⃣ The Baddest Offensive Line In The SEC: Senior right tackle Dalton Wagner said Arkansas offensive line coach Brad Davis has preached one thing this offseason—physicality. Razorback coaches want this to be a unit that is feared conference-wide. 2️⃣ New Sheriff At Left Guard: Junior Luke Jones has been rolling with the first group at left guard through spring practices. He is expected to continue pushing sophomore Brady Latham, who started all 10 games last season. 3️⃣ Call And Response: The Razorback offensive line took it personal when head coach Sam Pittman challenged them to become a team that will have success running in third-and-short situations. The Razorback football team hosts its annual Spring Game this Saturday afternoon at 2pm CT and you can get your FREE tickets here.

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